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YES, a GAY person CAN be SAVED by JESUS.
YES, a GAY person CAN be SAVED from sin.
YES, a GAY person CAN be SAVED through the blood of Christ.

The Bible and Homosexuality - Christian Homosexual Sin
Gay Christians - A Ministering Guide for Christian Homosexual Issues

Featured on TBN and the 700 Club as a Pastoral Christian witness to Christian homosexual issues, as Minister to current and former homosexuals, and as a guide to the Christian friend or family of a gay or homosexual loved one, Pastor Perri Roberts lends personal insights regarding the truth about homosexuality to the Christian community. His witness through media and Crusades has enlightened thousands of concerned Christians and Pastors seeking the light of Christ in regards to homosexuality, as well as advice for homosexuality Ministering.

With the Bible as a shield, Christian simplicity as a sword, and his own life story as a witness, Pastor Perri sheds a discerning light on Christian homosexual issues through speaking engagements, television, radio, his book: Dying For Love, The Plain Truth About Homosexuality, (downloadable by chapters on this site), his efforts in international crusades, and his many other Pastoral offerings.

Get Pastor Perri W. Roberts Book.
This book is a fabulous, honest, transparent road map through Pastor Roberts’s life that will challenge your own life, and your emotions, causing your life to be wonderfully enriched, powerfully enlightened, and mightily educated! See link for ordering information today!

People around the world have found true inspiration in reading this book, Dying for Love: The Plain Truth About Homosexuality. This real life story of Pastor Perri W. Roberts is unforgettable and spellbinding, and it is truly a fascinating reading experience for young and old, Christian and non-Christian. This book chronicles Pastor Roberts’ remarkable life journey through abuse, homosexuality, loneliness, torment, confusion, fear, ending in a glorious victory through Jesus Christ. This book offers an endless view into one mans life as he struggles for the Love he was dying for, and then, the powerful life changing love he found in his Savior.

This book is about adventure, survival, and ultimately, faith. You will read the harrowing account of how God saved the life of young Roberts when a coven of witches tried to kidnap him for a human sacrifice. Also riveting, and utterly amazing, Pastor Roberts tells of his true story of seeing Jesus in a cloud; on a mountaintop where the Lord stopped the devil from taking his soul, and the souls of his two friends to hell.
Then just as intense, is his story of God reaching out of a glorious light, taking his hand, and revealing to him the path of life and what would come in later years. These stories will be uplifting, when you yourself, through the words of this book, behold the love and grace of almighty God.
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Pastor Perri's New Music CD
You will also be thrilled with Pastor Perri’s new music CD called, “Living For Love.” 

There are ten unforgettable songs celebrating the Love and Faithfulness of God. This CD is bursting with glorious Praise! Ordering Information

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